The Artictic Fellowship of St Francis of Paola CIC

"Please support this Felowship so that young people may be given the help and support they need to share their talents with a wider audience."

Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon OP, Bishop of Nottingham.

Doreen Butler

These student travel awards, bursaries and scholarships acknowledge the contribution made by Doreen Butler towards the artistic, cultural and spiritual life of St Dominic's Parish in North London.

"Money can be a struggle but with this grant I ope to go on to produce great work"

Danielle - Student

Benvenuti Londra

Benvenuti Londra

A new study trip awards project in development…more details soon.

A Community Interest Company is an organisation which works exclusively for the benefit of the community, closely regulated to ensure any surplus funds are reinvested for social objectives and which tackles social and environmental issues for the public good.

A Community Interest Company - Registration No. 7395058

The Artistic Fellowship of St Francis of Paola the Patron Saint of Calabria Southern Italy, is a Community Interest Company providing travel exchange awards so English and Italian students can benefit from study trips and achieve their potential through study and research which advances their professional development.

Our mission is to benefit all students wishing to study to improve their language and professional skills in education, the Arts, tourism, heritage, religious instruction and personal development to aid employment prospects. Our aim is to help with research for those training in education, for art students and for those studying for religous orders by providing a travel award, bursary or scholarship.

This celebrates the memory of Doreen Butler who dedicated her life to the artistic cultural and spiritual activities of St Dominic's Parish in North London, through its art exhibitions, fundraising events and services marking the Church's great festivals.

Doreen Butler Award

'When Sixth Form students move on to art college they have a financially challenging time in terms of funding their ambitions. This can come as a huge shock to these young people and awards will go some way to support their needs. More importantly this gives them a sense of pride that someone believes enough in them to help them. Thank you on behalf of the La Sainte Union art department and school."

Mrs Sarah Kelly, Head of Art, LSU Highgate
Communications House, 26 York Street London W1 U 61PZ Tel: 0800 028 37 66

The Artictic Fellowship of St Francis of Paola CIC, travel awards, bursary, scholarship for students